Hacked By Wissem Mahfoud

Message : Terrorism Against Muslims In Burma by buthist, in Palestine by Zionist, India , Kachmir by Indian Governemnt , in Chechenya by Russian government , in Syria by Bashar army And Russian Forces ,in Iran by iranians "Shiaa", in Afghanistan and Iraq by american forces , in Lebanon by "naser allah" and his "shiaa forces", in Mali by frensh forces , in Yemen , China , Philipines , Indonisia , Guntanamo ( Cuba ) , Abu Gharib , Center Africa , Negiria ,Niger , Somali And Other Country... Muslims Killed Every Day By Zionist , Bouthist Christians And Chiaa .
Can You Tell Me Why ?!
Coz Islam Is The True Religion ? Coz You Dont Find Any Flaw In Islam You Make The Terrorism In The Name Of Islam And You Come Like A Super Hero in The Cover Of Counter-Terrorism To Eliminat It ... Any Terrorism You Are Talking About ?

First Don't Blame Islam.
[*] Staline killed more then 24 millions of people in the name of Communism .
[*] who started the first and second world war when 120 millions of people where dead on it ?
[*] "Bush" destoryed iraq and afghanistan in the name of dimocracie ?
[*] who dropped the atomic bomb on hiroshima?
[*] who killed 2 million of native aborigines in australia ?
[*] who killed more then 100 millions of native red indians in north america and killed more than 50 millions of native red indians in south america ?
[*] who'took about 180 millions of africans people as slaves and killed and threw 77% of then atlantic ocien ?
[**] are those muslims ?
If i made a mistake blame me, not my religion. Islam is perfect but I'm not!
if you do an accident with your car i will not blame your car but you ...
so stop killing muslims every where ...
islam is the true religon ...
islam is the religion of peace ...